PI/CPC Literature Resources

Here’s the suggested reading list for getting started in PI/CPC work.

  • PI workbook M-27i
  • AA guidelines – Public Information MG-07
  • CPC workbook M-41i
  • AA guidelines – CPC MG-11
  • Speaking at non AA meetings P-40
  • Suggestions for local PI activity SMF-32
  • Presentation: “What A.A. is and what it is not” SMF-126
  • About AA, Newsletter for professionals

Create your own kit

  • Cooperating with Court, D.W.I. and Similar Programs – MG-5
  • This Is A.A. – An introduction to the A.A. recovery program P-1
  • Is A.A. for You? P-3
  • A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs P-11
  • A.A. as a Resource for the Health Care Professional P-23
  • Members of the Clergy Ask About A.A. P-25
  • How A.A. Members Cooperate With Professionals P-29
  • Member’s-Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous P-41
  • A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous P-42
  • If You Are a Professional… P-46
  • Understanding Anonymity P-47
  • A.A. Membership Survey P-48
  • Is There a Problem Drinker in the Workplace? P-54

Email us at outreach@disctrict58area59aa.org for more information or have any questions