Treatment Committee

Welcome to the District 58 Area 59 Treatment Committee.

Our mission is to coordinate the efforts of individual A.A. members and groups that are interested in carrying the message of recovery to alcoholics in hospitals, treatment centers, rehabilitation houses, etc.

We fulfill the following needs:

  • 12th Step guidelines for treatment facilities
  • 12th Step guidelines for hospital calls
  • 12th Step volunteer sign-up sheets for groups
  • Facilitate Bridging the Gap program

In the following settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Treatment facilities
  • Detox centers

Committee resources

  • Bridging the Gap Volunteer Form District 58 Area 59
  • Guidelines for carrying A.A. message into a treatment facility – MG-14
  • Treatment Committee Workbook – M-40i
  • Suggested Treatment Facilities Kit – M40
  • Bridging the Gap Through Contact an AA – P-49
  • Bridging the Gap Volunteer Information – F-222

Email us at for more information or have any questions