Printable Meeting Schedules

The latest meeting schedules are on our meeting page and are not always the printed version. The printed versions are available to download and distribute below.

Meeting schedules are most current on our website. The most current may not printable view since these need to be created once the meetings have been updated. Please submit your meeting schedule change requests before the end of the month. Printable meeting schedule will be updated on the first every month.

If you request a meeting change the meeting schedule and meeting guide take approximately 12 hours to update once the change has been made. This is not something we can control since the meeting update needs to process from district updates to area then AAWS.

Please submit meeting schedule changes to:

The printable meeting is updated on the first of the month. Schedule was last updated:

This is our most current schedule.
Please destroy all old printed schedules are they are inaccurate.