Fresh Website Update!

We are excited to provide a fresh update for our District 58 website! The site has many new features some are not completely accessible yet but will be shortly.

“Service” link is a new link with some new thing to keep us unified in our efforts. We hope that you like the Fresh Update of District 58 Area 59. More things and pages will be added as we go along – this is just the start of the journey!

We have a new paint job! Check out our new website!

The new website went live yesterday! After much back-and-forth everyone involved it has been a journey and we finally made some very good progress! We are happy with what is completed even though it took some time we wanted to present the new website in a fun and informative manner.

It’s a bit easier on the eyes nicer on mobile responsive and should be a great addition to our district in support of our service work and outreach in the community!

Thank you everyone for their patience and tolerance in this task! We put a lot of thought into it and took some time to get things right. Please if you have a chance take a look at it. Get familiar with the new format.

This is an exciting time to get involved and carry that 12th step message to the newcomer! New positions will be opening. We have couple vacancies at district on committees. If you would like get started email

Events calendar-all the new events are listed on there and it’s a responsive calendar so more events can be added pretty simple to do but took a little bit to set up. The intention is to incorporate the area calendar, regional, to get things listed in one location so we don’t need to compare calendars for event conflicts.

Service and committees-different committees have been added. Some of these might work for us some of these might not. We have included some literature links to AA General service along with useful pamphlets for service!

District Hotline Signups! – still working on some forms for this expecting this to be up by the weekend sometime! It will be posted on the website please check back. The hotline volunteers will always be needed so please come back and signup so we have a good list to provide the staff!

District emails – these are ready for district officers. The links will be sent via your personal email these will be sent later this week.